Puppy School

Puppy Pre-School at Maroondah Vet Clinic


  • Sunday morning from 11am

Class details:

  • 5-week course

    • 1st week orientation- without puppies

    • Mixture of basic training skills, education and careful socialisation

    • Positive reinforcement and force free training methods

  • 1-hour sessions

  • 5 puppies max. per class  

  • Children must be 6 years or older to attend

  • Max. 2 adults and 1 child per puppy (due to space)

  • Run by Dylan (animal trainer) & Emily (animal trainer/vet nurse)

Age eligibility:

  • 8-14 weeks

    •  May consider up to 16 weeks for small breeds or due to other individual circumstances


  • Total of $180 for the 5-week course


  • Please send us an enquiry to book your spot and we will send you

    • Invoice

    • Waiver 

    • Weekly outline 

    • Information regarding our first class