Treat Me Right provides behaviour consultations and training for dogs and cats utilising positive reinforcement and force free methods. These methods are the kindest and most effective training tools available to us.

At Treat Me Right we use scientifically proven training and behaviour modification techniques to help create long lasting changes in behaviour whilst helping you strengthen the bond between you and your animal. We want to help you and your furry companion to live your best life together!

We offer a variety of services, including dog and cat behaviour consults and training, veterinary nurse services, cooperative care, classes, event chaperoning and more.

At Treat Me Right we are constantly updating our knowledge, networking and working along side Veterinary Behaviourists. We regularly review behaviour research within the industry, attend conferences and undertake further education to ensure that we are providing our clients and their companion animals with the most recent, up to date, scientifically backed information and behaviour modification/training techniques.
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