Social Skills Class

Providing you with a safe and controlled environment to work on your dog's skills around other dogs. 

Classes are currently held at Huntingdale Primary School on Saturdays.

Treat Me Right is in strategic partnership with Dream Dogz Positive Training to bring you social skills classes. We have teamed up to ensure that we are providing the most comprehensive services that we can for your dogs!

More about social skills classes:

  • Dogs older than 6 months
  • Maximum 3 dogs per class
  • Maximum 2 adults + 1 child per dog

Our Social Skills classes are designed for parents who want to socialise their dog in a safe and controlled environment. They are ideal for:

  • Dogs that haven’t had proper or adequate socialisation (e.g. a recently adopted dog requiring gradual & positive introductions to other dogs)
  • Conflicted dogs that are willing to interact with other dogs but not sure of how to do it properly
  • Our Group class graduates who want to continue socialising appropriately in a controlled environment
  • Our Private session clients who want to continue implementing the strategies they have learned (e.g. counter-conditioning) in a controlled environment

During our Training Sessions you will learn:

  • On-lead management around other dogs.
  • Strategies on how to safely introduce your dog to other dogs (parallel walking, checking in etc).
  • How to read your dog’s body language to determine his/her emotional state
  • How to ensure that your dog has a positive experience around other dogs

This program has no specific duration. You can attend as many classes as you want. Our requirements are:

For Newcomers (dogs that have not attended any of our training programs)

  • Completing a Profile form for your dog. This will assist us in understanding your dog’s individual needs. We will send you this form after your initial enquiry
  • Completing a 30 minute in-home assessment to discuss your case in more detail and determine your dog’s suitability for the class
  • Enrolling at least 48 hours prior to class commencement

For our Graduates (dogs that have attended either our classes and/or Private training programs)

  • Enrolling at least 48 hours prior to class commencement

Please see pricing for Social Skill Class Pricing.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information or with any questions that you may have about this class.