Senior Puppy School

Senior Puppy School

Senior puppy school is a class designed for puppies to learn basic behaviour cues and good manners. 

Classes are currently held at Huntingdale Primary School on Saturdays. 

Treat Me Right is in strategic partnership with Dream Dogz Positive Training to bring you senior puppy school. We have teamed up to ensure that we are providing the most comprehensive services that we can for your dogs!

More about senior puppy school:

  • Puppies aged 13-24 weeks
  • Must have completed the 2nd round of vaccinations (C3 & C5)
  • Maximum 6 puppies per class
  • Maximum 2 adults + 1 child per puppy

This is a 6 week training program includes:

Orientation week: a pup-free session where we will go through all the training basics such as:

  • Animal learning
  • Identifying dog body language signals
  • How clicker training works?
  • Managing your dog’s arousal levels
  • House rules (Q&A – entering and exiting the class – hygiene etc.)

Five training sessions where you will learn how to teach your puppy:

  • A series of basic cues: Sit – Drop – Come – Respond to name – Settle on mat – Stay etc.
  • A series of good manners: Sit for greeting – No jumping – Accept collar holds etc.
  • Loose lead walking fundamentals

Parent education topics such as:

  • Handling and grooming
  • Toilet training
  • Bite inhibition
  • Appropriate play for this age group
  • Understanding and managing appropriate behaviour for this age group

Not every dog is suitable for a group class environment. This is why you must complete a Profile form, which we will sent you prior to booking. This will assist us in understanding your dog’s individual needs and choosing the most appropriate course of action.

Please see pricing for Puppy School prices.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information or with any questions that you may have about Puppy School.